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Privacy opt-out form for personal data processing through Footprints for Retail

Footprints for Retail analyzes visitor traffic only in locations where this solution is previously installed (in stores/ in shopping centers) and solely if visitors have a Wi-Fi capable smartphone. Your visit is analyzed by the interaction with the Wi-Fi network and only when you enter the Wi-Fi area or connect to a Wi-Fi network. We collect your personal data only incidentally, and data processing is accompanied by appropriate security measures. In this way, with the help of collected data, statistics are developed to help commercial operators identify traffic in their own locations in order to optimize products and services for your benefit.

Collection of personal data is strictly limited to what is necessary to fulfil the purpose of the processing, namely to generate statistics on your traffic in the shopping centers. As associate operators, as mentioned above, we will collect the following personal data from you:

  • MAC Address;
  • Location (including the length of visits and their frequency);
  • Profile data (derived from collected data).

Regarding the means of processing, your individual tracking is not carried out and that your real-time location is never tracked. Any personal data you collect through the Footprints for Retail solution is collected solely for the purpose of registering the frequency of visits and your inclusion in a large audience (i.e., personal data collected is individualized and is only used in a report statistics). In addition, Footprints for Retail processing does not involve any direct contact with you, nor does it involve an individual analysis of your profile (e.g., direct marketing, retargeting, etc.).

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